What is this site for?

It is plain what it is not for.

It is certainly not a news site that updates every 90 seconds.

It is definitely not a collection of political, humor, pop culture or science articles teased out over six to eight pages to maximize ad impressions.

This page cannot be masturbated to, except perhaps if you have a very specific fetish for mono-spaced fonts.

This site does not have pictures of you or your friends.

This site contains no skinner box style flash games whose thin fingers beckon you onward whispering promises of need and meaning.

This site has no drawings of any kind, and most definitely not three of them arrayed horizontally.

This website isn't tracking you. It is not a node in a vast array of monitoring points at which your presence is duly noted and bonded with an enduring record of how you spend your free-time searching for novelty.

This website has no information about cancer, and is not helpful in determining whether your symptoms correlate with any of the many documented instances of disease and misfortune the human population has suffered from.

You cannot edit or correct this sit.e

This sequence of marked up text cannot help you find other information. It contains only this information, and can only offer the same advice over and over to all who ask for it.

This site has no opinions or options.

None of this is a picture of a domesticated animal caught in a candid, or just as often, staged act of feigned humanity. In fact, it is rather difficult to anthropomorphize anything on this page; The page prefers it that way.

You cannot buy anything from this site. Certainly not 3M Filtrete furnace filter screens for systems with openings of 24 inches by 16 inches by 1 and a half inches. We are all out of those and also everything.

This site does not attempt to show you a sequence of colorful images at a rate which fools your lizard brain into thinking an observable window of reality has opened before it. But if it were, the median image would be an enticing one to maximize the chance of you clicking on it.

This site plays no music and contains no advice on who to purchase couches from.

This thing has no personalized messages for you from your friends, nor can it send message to your friends. Which is besides the point since it wouldn't if it could.

This site does not require you to create a profile and choose a password. Which is a good thing since, statistially, you are probably terrible at picking passwords.

This, does not allow you do download anything of particular interest other than the text you are reading and the image at the top. It contains no links to executable code, compiled from a high level language into machine code compatible with the operating system that you are most likely to be running.

This, barely exists by most measures, other than as a number of recordable magnetic disturbances and their compliment stored on microscopic areas of two separate storage devices. These magnetic disturbances are unused to such attention, and have spent the majority of their last 30 years of fame highly embarrassed and self-conscious about their relative polarities.

What is this site?

I think it is obvious by now.

This site does not know what it is.

And according to this site I read, that's ok.